The cheap skate

A very cheap skate, gold buried secretly in a secret place in his garden. Every day he went to the place where he buried the gold, dig and count back one by one to make sure that no gold is lost. He is very often do that so that a thief who was watching him, can guess what is hidden by the Pelit it and one night, with thieves surreptitiously dug the treasure and take it away

When the cheap skate realized loss of wealth, he became very sad and desperate. She was moaning, pulling her hair.

One of travelers passing by the place heard her crying and asked what happened.

‘My gold! oh .. my gold! ” said the cheapskate, ‘someone has robbed me! ”

“Your gold! In the hole? Why do you keep it there? Why are not you a gold store in a house where you can easily pick it up when you want to buy something?”

‘Buy something? ” cried the cheapskate with anger. ‘I’m not going to buy something with gold. I never even thought to shop something with gold. ” he cried angrily.

The traveler then took a large stone and threw it into the hole that has treasure empty.

“Then,” he said again, “close and bury the stone, it is equal to the lost treasure!”

Our property is worth with the use of such property.

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