Another thing about love

What is love talk about, it’s so complicated there no word can explain. love just can we feeling in our heart, love is soul, we can’t look it, we can’t spell it, but we can feel it. People who search love for his self that can be another response of egoism in our soul. But the truth is love make we feel life so interesting, love can make we happy and can make we sad too. But it’s the magical of love, however love was held in our soul.

Love, even the love make hurt always, when the person we love that not can be what we want but in this case love talk about respect to relationship, the thing that we want always. Happiness can be held when we make a  something use full for each other, specially for some one that we like or love,.

Love is miracle for anyone, keep love and kept for your generation,. Save the person you love, and don’t be give up to hold it.

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